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NREMT Simulator - Exam Prep

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Are you ready for the National Registry EMT Basic Exam?NREMT Simulator is a true simulation of the National Registry Computer Based EMT Basic Exam with 120 simulated registry questions PER EXAM that span the entire EMT curriculum (Unlock two additional 120 question exams by buying the in-app purchases!). Designed to give you an actual computer based testing experience from your mobile device, the simulator uses a running clock combined with EMT Basic test questions designed and calibrated to mimic the National Registry perfectly. You want to know if you're ready to pass the NREMT Basic Exam. The NREMT Simulator can tell you, right now. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the NREMT is as easy as your textbook review book is. The textbook does not calibrate their material like we do!
The first exam comes with the purchase of the app! Additional exams can be added with an in-app purchase by clicking on the "lock" symbols over the exams on the home screen.
App Features:
National Registry Level QuestionsThe questions featured in the NREMT Simulator were designed and edited by the same people who author questions for the National Registry database, following the same strict guidelines, format and exacting standards of The National Registry. With questions spanning the entire scope of the National EMT Curriculum, you will find no better resource to show you what it feels like to take this test. No other study guide can claim that their material has been through the rigorous review process that our 120 questions have.
Properly Calibrated DifficultyThe Registry doesn't score you based on how many questions you answer correctly, they score you based on the difficulty level of the questions you answer correctly. The simulator uses test questions calibrated just above the minimum passing level of the National Registry Exam. That means that you can get real feedback about your ability to pass on test day.
Actual Test ResultsOnce you've finished the exam, you'll get real results in a similar format to the actual Registry results page. Your results gauge your success in each of the six major categories of the Registry exam, using the same Above Passing / Near Passing / Below Passing results that the NREMT uses. Then you'll get a report detailing information for future study. The NREMT Simulator doesn't just help you study. It does what no other app on the market can do. It tells you if you're ready to pass.
Timed TestingGet a true sense of your personal testing cadence. Our market research indicated that the running clock was one of the most intimidating elements of the National Registry test. The simulator lets you experience that pressure before test day so you won't feel quite so stressed on testing day.
Take the exam before you have to take the exam with the NREMT Simulator.